I know there's not a lot, but I'll be doing some more searching.
So, when I do find some good sites I'll link them.
Until then, my friends. If you link to me please e-mail me back,
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*Fushigi Yuugi*

Chaotic Serenity: The Untold Stories of the Four Gods
-This one I'm attached to both emotionally and physically
(hugs Chaotic Serenity). She is the creator of the fan fiction I feature.

"I Found You!"- This site is really fun. It's dedicated to that one bandit around episode 14 who believes Hotohori's a girl. There's pictures, and the what little information
 we have about him. You've got to check it out.

*Apparently this ^ site is now dead;_;.

This site is actually a Korean one, so you may need to download the proper stuff
before you view it. It has some very cute images.

*Ayashi no Ceres*

Ayashi.Net-In my eyes this is probably the largest, and most helpful site for the
newest series from Ms. Watase.


Plus, lots and lots of anime search engines...

These are the chirchiri-like-in-coolness-people who bring you
 cursor on the front page^^. I love them.