Q. How often do you update?

A. Ha, well if you look at the news page, you can see I don't
update often. However, that's not because I'm that lax, it's more that
I wait for me to get more material, to update with.

Q. Can I use your images?
(put them on my own site)

A. Yes, as long as you e-mail me. I would like
to know where the stuff I took the time to
scan is floating around. Oh, and credit would be nice.
 Unless, you're rude or something
 I don't have a problem with it.

Q. Can you link to me?

A. Yes, as long as you're
fushigi yuugi related I'll link you.

Q. Can I link to you?

A. Go for it noda! If you do, please
e-mail me so I can return your kindness.

you can use one of these if you like^
Q. Where did you get all your Cds and images?

A. They're all mine^^ and I love them. I've purchased
them all from a wonderful anime store.