Okay, you may be asking yourself, "What possesed this girl to make this site?" well here's the answer...
 First, I must say I Love Fushigi Yuugi. Secondly, Nakago has always caught
my eye. While being the otaku
I am my friend and I started ranting on one day at lunch.We were
talking about public transportation, and how much better it is in different countries.Well, I started
 telling some of the horror stories that have happend to my brother
and sister, when all of the sudden the idea of Nakago riding a bus flew into my head.What if you fell asleep on the bus,
 and when you woke up Nakago was sitting beside you?What if you fell
 asleep on the beach and lying next to you on the sand was Nakago?

That is the idea behind it all. What if you fell asleep, and there Mr. Blue Eyes Blue
 was when you woke.