Fan Art

Tamahome- This one is in black and white for now. I'll make a color version when I find the time.
Tamahome and Miaka- Another black and white one that will look even better once I color it. It'll look very cute then.
Tasuki-One of my latest fy drawings it's sad to think that I drew this nearly three months ago...
Tamakins- ^^My current favorite of the actual fushigi yuugi fan art I've done.This was originally done on lined paper, and I didn't think it was that amazing. Once I colored it though it looked much better. *special note* This is my first time I've colored in a copy righted character other than dragon ball z, and too my surprise it looks excellent. Oh, and the background is obviously from the anime, and not mine.

Chichiri-Eh, this one's okay. It was my first time drawing the monk.

Chichiri &Tama-Drawn by Sarah-san--Thanks for the birthday present Sarah-chan.
I love it^.^.

Koji!-It didn't turn out too bad, I still love my Tamahome though...

Tasuki & Kitsune boy- Kitsune boy and Tasuki together. Kitsune boy is one of my own characters...


Kitsune boy- Kitsune if you haven't guessed means fox in Japanese. So, he's
he's really a fox boy. Anyhow, he's my character ^.^.

Kitsune boy with some kind of head set looking pretty cool-
Yeah...this and the one before it were resized, so sorry about the lines
 looking the way they are.

School Student Kitsune- Check out the bouquet of flowers in his hand. He's so sweet,
 he brings flowers on the first day to give to his honey.

Atius- A guy I made up, he's Roman.

Toma looking Good- This one, as you can tell from the right bottom corner was
something I drew for a friend of mine, Chaotic Serenity. Riko's my other
name incase you were wondering.

The Arch of Titus- Mwhaaaa!!! This thing took up my whole weekend! The
detail looks a lot better in person...

Fancy Night Pic- I did this a while ago, personally I love
the dog-deer animal in the back.

Kat- This is a pic of my dbz character.

 Disclaimer: Toma and Dragon Ball Z belong to Akira Toriyama, and of coarse
all Fushigi Yuugi characters belong to Ms. Watase.
Atius and Kitsune boy are the only one's who belong to me.