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 Welcome to the new Ayashi no Ceres part of Eternal Springs.
I'll plan to have the release dates of the videos, dvds, and the
monthly chapters of manga. So far I have images up of the
 2nd soundtrack, first vhs, and the first manga chapter.
I plan to purchase some other random Ceres merchandise,
so that I can try to create an image gallery.
Also,I hope to buy another cd or so from it.
First VHS
First Manga  Chapter
2nd T.V. Soundtrack
3rd T.V. Soundtrack
last update8/7/01
Disclaimer: I do not own Ayashi no Ceres, or take part in it's production.
 I'm not making any sort of profit from this in any way. I'm just trying
to help build a larger fanbase for the series.
All Ceres images etc. belong to Yuu Watase.