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Where to get Fushigi Yuugi Merchandise
College Campuses
Colleges are some of the best places to look for anime. The main reason
is that a good portion of anime buyers are college kids. I haven't gone to a
single college yet that hasn't had a anime video rental at the least. Also,
they're more likely to have comic stores. Some, the larger ones, may
even have an anime store.

Asian Grocery Stores
Are found in their cultural markets, and most large citys have them.
 They're normally the foreign district of town like little China or little Italy.
These areas normally have atleast one asian food store if not several.
They may carry foods or drinks sporting the pictures of some
of your favorite shows. An example of this is this Hello Kitty Cookies and or
Kawaii Cookies. Cookies are normally a dollar, so they're cheap but taste good.
Also, if your're looking for rice bowls, etc. to sit and eat with while
you watch fushigi yuugi than you can get them there, too.

Suncoast, Media Play, Sam Goody
Heh, all these fine retailers carry the latest anime video releases.
They have a club you can join called "replay", so that for every $100 you spend
you get $5! Plus, you are entitled to special offers such as 20% on certain weekends or triple bonus points.
It's the best club to join if you buy a lot of anime.

Borders Books Stores
Yes, they do carry manga, and most times videos. Usually, they're located
somwhere near the untranslated books, and the sci-fi section. Atleast, for me
that's where it is.
*The Internet*
(some sites I enjoy...)
-I bought a sailor moon artbook from them over a year ago.  It was
fast and the book was not destroyed either.

-Personally, I wouldn't buy much from there because the
prices get way too high, and I find things a lot cheaper else where.
UPDATE: Heh, I've succumbed and have finally bought my first e-bay merchandise.
I just got a Magic Knight Rayearth artbook, in perfect condition for $30. What more could you want...

Closer Look

*The North East*

Another Universe Stores
In the those states such as Maryland, Virginia,
West Virginia, and a few more south of there I believe.., hosts a huge
entertainment store called "Another Universe". Correct you are, they do have a web page, but it's not owned by the same company. So, they have a lot less merchandise there. They, sell Japanese
import models, key chains, figurines, character back packs, art books, etc. Along with tons of posters and calenders, they sell many card decks and holograph cards for cheap.

Western Pennsylvania


Pitt Campus
-Has an anime video rental off it's main street. I forget the name of
the street, but you can find it with a little bit of driving.

Penn State Campus
-In the back stretes of the shopping district there's an
 anime store/asian grocery store. It's accross from the Gray Brooke* Apartment Complex, and
I remember it being in the direction of a library and a church.

Also, at Penn State there's two tee-shirt shops I know of in part of the narrow ally
ways of the "shopping district" that carry many anime shirts for only $15.

*The Major Store*

Joy's Japanimation
Yep, they're the ones in the animerica add.
They're located in Greensburg, by Pitt's Branch Campus.
They're at the intersection of Euclid*** and South Main Street.
They have a huge collection for anime rentals if you live near by.
Also, they sell cds for $15! Small Lamented posters for about $3.
They have everything from artbooks, to japanese sailor moon pencil cases.
If you're nearby at all, then you must really check them out.They're not open Sundays.



Train Stations
Two years ago when I visited my sister in Germany, I rode the train system like everyone else.
The major cities have huge underground train station shops, and of which even include
anime stores. For sure, I know there is one at Hannover's Train Station.

Book Stores
I saw everything from cds to sailor moon sheets all in one bookstore in Hannover.
I ended up purchasing a German Dragon Ball T.V. Soundtrack.

They have a special kid's block that comes on around 4 p.m. or so that has
uncut sailor moon, dragon ball, etc. Also, I know I've seen some
unidetifiable anime on a random Turkish station.

Disclaimer: Hello Kitty belongs to Sanrio.
Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.
Dragon Ball belongs to Akira Toriyama.