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Poll Results

Poll 1
(Saturday, June 9th, around 5:30p.m.)

"Who's your favorite seshi?"
-a very unoriginal question...

Tamahome 12 votes (13%)
Hotohori 11 votes (12%)
Chichiri  13 votes (14%)
Nuriko  16 votes (18%)
Tasuki  16 votes (18%)
Mitsukake  5 votes (5%)
Chiriko  2 votes (2%)
or, I have no idea who they are 12 votes (13%)

Total Votes 87
Result: A tie between Nuriko and Tasuki.
Both recieved 16 votes (18%)
I didn't vote, but I can't break it becuase I favor them both too much.
Oh, and the "I have no idea..."-people, were basically my friends who aren't
interested in anime. So, they really don't count...

Poll  2
(Tuesday August 7th.)
"For those of you with an elder brother...How often does he
act like Keisuke, Miaka's brother?"

Never! 6 votes (30%)
Only in Public 3 votes (10%)
Only in Private 0 votes
Only When I'm Hurt 0 votes
When He's Half-asleep 2 votes (10%)
When He Needs Money 6 votes (30%)
He is my Brother 4 votes (20%)

Total Votes 20
Result:Tie between "when he needs money," and "never".
Both had 6 Votes.
This time I did vote. I voted for "he is my brother" because that's the
way my brother is. They're scaringly similar in many ways.

Poll 3
(Thursday April 18, 2002)
"How familiar are you with Yuu Watase's other works?"

Ha, I know them all 10 votes (32%)
Some of them 15 votes (48%)
I'm only interested in Fushigi Yuugi 4 votes (12%)
I may have known but I forget 0 votes
Only the American releases 2 votes (6%)

Total Votes 31
Result: "Some of them"
I voted for Ha, I know them all. I love yuu watase's work, so I'm
always on the look out for a new series.