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Happy Anniversary to the Site!
Well, our first year. I'm completely excited.
I've updated with fanfiction, information, 20 new images,
2 new fan art, and some other things here and there. Also, I've
changed the layout. I hope you all love it as much
as I do. I will not abandon this site!
I will finish my update soon, but actually I have to go
now so I can buy more Fushigi Yuugi tapes...

Hello All,
Yay! the site hit 1000 hits the other day...
I'm so happy ;). So, anyhow, I've updated the site.
What I've done:
Changed the background.
Added a music section.
Added a fan fiction section.
One new fan art image.
Added new banners.
This is kind of rushed and I had wanted to say much more
 in apology for not updating for so long.
I have to run off to my dear grandma's church to do some modeling...(very scary)
It's amazing how much I've grown in the past months since my last update.
It's suffice to say that I have become closer to being whole.
I guess that's what my classes, band, and eating squirrel do to you.
Yes, the squirrel tasted good...
I'll try to finish the update soon.
Take care and love all,

Past Updates
Update Time!!
La, I finally got around to updating almost the whole site.
What I've done:
Added the Seiryu Images
Finished Reviewing The Remaining Cds
Finished off "Where to Find Merchandise"
Put Up a New Poll, and Posted Results
Added a New Section for "Ceres" the newest work  of Watase's here in America
Oh, and how do you all like the new background?
I'll probably change it the next time I have another large update.
So, enjoy while you can.
What I plan to do in the future:
Heh, I'd like to add more information, aswell as episode summaries.
I intend to search for more images to scan, aswell as getting around
to adding more creativity to the shrine.
I plan to add a fandom section, for all the odd stuff that finds it way into fy fan's heads.
Also, I'm currently looking into making a faq about the series section.
If you have any suggestions as to what I should do next, then e-mail me.
Also, do not expect any updates at all the next week (Sun.12-Sat.18)
(I'm going to be away, and will have no access at all to my e-mail.)
....Okay, no real update today save for two new links but here's
a look of what I plan to do...
Image Gallery: I still have to put up my Seiryu images + I just aquired
 some more regular piccys.
Where to Get Merchandise: Hope to complete most of it.
Cd Reviews: Review what cds are left and add Ceres cd cover
Fan Art: Whatever I find around to scan...

First, I'd like to thank you all for voting in the poll. The results are
up along with the new question. On to the new stuff...
1) The Eternal Springs of Reikaku Message Board!!!
2) I started work on the Where to find Merchandise Section
3) Poll Results are up and new Poll
4) added a little Fan Art

Tada! an update!
Okay I've updated fan art, the cd ceviews, links, and added a new section.
Sadly, I don't have time to get the seiryu images up because I have too
much work to do today.  This week I'll be ridicously over worked, and my
mind will be warn down to a frazzle. So, don't expect any updates during the

Hi, (dodges bullets from unhappy visitors...)
Okay, this update occured two nights ago but I didn't think it uploaded properly...
Now, on the front page only (for now,) the cursor will be in the form of Suzaku.
Don't be afraid to download it. I did and nothing happened, no viruses or anything.
I may also decide to put up a new poll soon if not, oh well.
Oh, and I have some more fan art to post, the seiryu image gallery, and perhaps another
mystery*** section. I don't have anything in the way of updating, so I plan to
post it all on Saturday. Anyone that knows me please beat me if I don't.
Little Note: I finally saw my website on another computer and the images look fine on the front page. So, guess it's just my odd
Okay, here are some examples of why I haven't been updating...
due to prior commitments I've had to
one: draw the Arch of Titus
two: illustrated quote
 (this is just a sample of the faces I've drawn for it...)
three: a yet to be done comic...
Anyhow, I won't be here to update this weekend
because I have to present all this stuff.
I will though, attempt to run by an anime store, close to where I'll be.
Hopefully** they'll have some more Fushigi Yuugi merchandise.
little note: I will be more motivated to update once the site's on
anipike and with it's own set of visitors coming.
Sorry, folks I've been even busier than I had thought.
I finally found a decent counter. The big seiryu update,
will be on it's way. I swear to you on Hotohori's beauty I will!
More fan art will be coming, along with and another section.
Until then.
I added a new link. Plus I put up
the covers of the two new Cds I bought.
The seiryu review should be up soon. Also, I expect to
put up the Seiryu gallery this coming week.
Don't expect updates to be as plentiful in the future. My
work load will return to normal this coming week.
Oh, and I'd really appreciate it if you guys would take the poll...
*sigh* It hasn't been up even a day and I'm trying
to correct stuff. I've put up a poll and the guestbook
so be sure to check them out. Also, does anyone
know why the "what's new" button looks funky?
I'm somewhat upset with the image quality in the gallery aswell.
-_-' If anyone can help please* e-mail me.
Oh, and Happy B-day to my Bro^^ I love you.
Also, I just purchased two new fy Cds, one of
which is a Seiryu one.
The site's brand new, if something doesn't work
please e-mail me.