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Image Gallery

Tasuki Hothori and Chichiri, looking cool as usual
We wish you a merry celestial suzakumas...
The group all around Tamahome
A slightly gray tone
The girls from the series but in what looks like European dresses
Party time! I hear this is after their wedding or something...
The whole group with Tamababy in the foreground
Tamakins, Miaka and Suzaku with black Stars
The seshi all around Miaka and Tamakins who are in their wedding gear
Group beach party
The seshi's eyes and their constellation [hot]
Miaka and Tamababy with black hair and the other seshi behind them
Pic from the ending credits, with the red scroll, you guys get the picture..
Miaka, and the Seishi in fancy clothes
Beautiful HOTohori and Tamakins with Miaka in a crytal ball
The seishi, with Chichiri upside down
Tamakins, Hotohori, Miaka, and Suzaku. This one's quite fancy.
The three above oncemore.
The group super deformed
Group with seals
Group samurai fighters
Group video tape outfits
Group Tamahome,Miaka,and Tasuki
Group tuxcedo future
Group by a death vehicle
All dressed like sailors