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Miaka & Tamahome

Okay...there's way too many pictures of these two. Infact, I had
to take periodic sanity walks between scanning them in...

Tamahome and Miaka in Chinese outfits hugging
The Two in a gold background with pink flowers
Hugging once again in some pink Chinese flowers
The two love birds and Tama painting
Taka and Miaka from the ova
Taka and Miaka lying in the Grass
Riding a bike
Embracing amongst black lace and Suzaku
The two seem to be wearing the same shirt, but it looks pretty
This is a very cute one both are wearing Chinese clothes
Yeah right on! Fighters Miaka and Tamahome go!! (what in Suzaku's name was that)
Hugging wrapped in pink ribbon amongst the darkness
Interesting...they seem to be floating above lilies
Kissing once again, this time in a violet background
the pic from the ending credits where their heads are in a pinkish sky
Oh wow! I didn't know they were samurai
The two, once again (who would guess this part of the site is dedicated to them) in a beautiful wedding setting
Cute Pic of the two and their actually not kissing. Sugoi!
Wedding red
Together above a valley