Cd Reviews
          Let's first get something clear here folks. I don't speak or read Japanese. These "reviews" as I call them were done by my untrained ear. I am involved with music, especially jazz. So, I have an idea of what can be considered music and what can't be. So, be kind. If I happen to say a character sings some song I'm making the assumption by the oddly placed English lyrics and from the sound of the voice. You don't necessarily have to watch the Japanese version of the series to realize who's suppose to be singing what. So, those of you who've only seen the English version,  follow your instincts.
Example: Tasuki is given an accent in the Eng. version 'cause his VA is from Osaka. So, listen for fast words, maybe rougher, you know.

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This is the first CD from the series.
Track Number: 16
Number of Vocals: 4, plus second versions
of both the beginning and end songs.
My Comments:
This was the first Fushigi Yuugi Cd I bought. It's
mainly background music from the series, which can be more
enjoyable then others may think. The background music
is recognizable, and I found myself saying "Oh, that's the Miaka is thinking
about Tamahome song," or, "Hey that's the Nakago song." The vocals
are enjoyable especially if you like the theme songs.
Comment on an Individual Track:
Track number 4, "Winner" is the song that plays when Miaka
is explaining the book to her brother (around episode 7 or 8, I think...).
Closing Comments:
Lastly, it makes a good Cd to throw in while you study.
Eternal Scat
Track Number: 8
Vocals:1,2,5,8         Instrumentals:4,6
Sequential Stories: Track 3-Story 4, Track 6- Story 5
My Comments:
This cd has quite a nice sound for so few tracks. Its main focus is the "sequential story".
In this cd, Keisuke and Tetsuya are hunting down the reincarnated Chiriko.
The highlight of this cd for me was the first track.
 It's a "scat" version of one of Miaka's songs. Which,
may also be good to have if you don't know the lyrics to the original song.
All you have to do is sing "duu, du, du, du duuuu.." and you won't mess up. It
sounds pretty though, although the cd includes the ova
 end song (I think) and "Eyes".
Closing Comments:
If you're after the actual character vocals then this isn't something you'll want.
The sequential story is kind of interesting, although it gets kinda annoying sometimes.There is a site I remember seeing
 with translations to the stories. Inall, I do like the cd.
 I just felt I had to mention that this cd isn't focused on the vocal aspects of the series.
Vocal Collection: Memories
Track Number: 16
Number of Vocals: The whole thing 0_0
My Comments:
This one I'd have to say is my favorite. It has a whole sweep
of songs sung by single characters. Tracks 11-13  are some of the most fun to listen to.
As would be expected this Cd is quite upbeat, and most of the songs are lively.The difference between this vocal collection and the next is that
this one has more individual characters. The other is more
of character group singing.
A list of which character's song is which:
Track # 3 --- Tamahome
Track # 6 --- Hotohori
Track #8 --- Yui "Best Friend" ---very very cute^.^
Track # 11 ---  Chichiri
Track # 12 --- Chichiri
Track # 13 --- Tasuki
Track # 14 --- Tasuki and Koji???
Track # 15 --- Mitsukake
Track # 16 --- Chiriko
Closing Comments:
This cd is truly one of the best and I believe it captures the
spirit of the characters in their entirety. It also makes great cd for
 you and your friends to sing-along with.
Special Best Vocal Collection
Track Number: 14
Number of Vocals: The whole thing's vocals,noda!
My Comments:
The tracks are wonderful and once again
I found myself and people around me singing along. It's basically
a compilation cd of the smaller oav cd's (Eternal Scat, Everlasting Story,
Sensitive Mind, Star Love, Mizu Kagami, and Love Ballads). If you didn't notice the cds
 are primarily single character songs or big group sing-alongs
from the sound of some of them.
Comments on Individual Tracks:
Track 1: "Star" the oav opening theme song.
Personally I love this one, the vocals really tear at your heart, and the first couple
 notes sung echo through you.
Track 2: THTC sings something along the lines of rock 'n roll.
Some of the other Tracks consist of:
7: "Everlasting Story"
8: "Eyes" (this one's on Eternal Scat aswell)
11. Mizu-Kagami

The end song for the oav is also on here somewhere...

Closing Comments:
This cd is somewhat quieter than the other vocal collection.

So, you may not want to drive with this one on late a night..

Single Collections
Track Number: 15
Number of Vocals: Another Vocal Collection; no instrumentals
My Comments: This cd has just about every song the character vocal collection
has, plus another Chiriko song and the theme song. It's a little bit more organized to listen to than
the Vocal Collection. Other than that there's no difference between the two.
The title of the extra Chiriko track is: P.S. some kanji, including the Chinese symbol for
love, and ends with a question mark. If you know what the name is I'm talking about be free
to e-mail me.
The tracks that are on "Memories" but not this are:
Track 4:Tamahome
Track12: The "Noda" song
Track14:Another one of Tasuki's Songs
Closing Comments:
If I was deciding between the two cds I'd say to go buy the "Memories Vocal Collection".
Unless, you were a big Chiriko fan. Otherwise you miss out on the 5 great songs, by some of the hotter seshi.
Seiryu Counter Attack
Track Number: 13
Number of Vocals:9
Tracks 1, 5, 9, and 12 are instrumentals
My Comments:
I was ecstatic when I bought this. After my other attempts of buying fy cds
I didn't want to buy the same songs over and over again.  So, this cd
was a very welcome purchase, and I haven't found another fy cd they're on.
When I first put the cd in the car on the drive home I was slightly disturbed
to hear the sound of electric guitar.  As I listened to it I kept getting the impression of
80's like music, but most anime music sounds like that to me.
The cd is mostly the Seiryu characters save for track 6 (Miaka) and Track10 (Hotohori).
It definitely is a great cd to get, especially if you love Seiryu.
List of which character sings what song:
Track #  2: Nakago
Track # 3 "Never Get Away": Suboshi
Track # 4 "Pride of Ice"^^: Soi
Track # 6 "Promise Love": Miaka
Track # 7: Amiboshi
Track  # 8 "Please Shiver": Soi
Track # 10 "Legacy" : Hotohori
Track # 11"Sad Gales" (Oh how I love this song!):Yui
Track # 13 "Blue"(yeah!):Nakago
Tracks 5 and 9 are instrumentals of the first series theme and ending songs.
Comments on Individual Tracks:
"Never Get Away"- Lots of synthesizer piano plus electric guitar.
Very, catchy and was at first my favorite song on the cd. It's also
a good sing-along song, not to fast and not to slow.
"Pride of Ice"-I commonly call this the "baby baby" song.
I can imagine Soi singing this one pretty well. One part
of the song a sound like a horse galloping is featured, along with a
nice violin solo. So, it has a type of folk meets modern instruments sound.
"Sad Gales"- This has to be one of Yui's best songs. With its bird
sounds, horses galloping, and voice trills make a perfect picture
of Kuto in my mind every time I listen to it. Simply beautiful.
"Blue"- If Nakago had a theme song this would be it.
His voice is so deep and lovely, it can get stuck in your head for hours!
Closing Comments:
If you basically want to get all the vocals from the series with out buying
every cd in the process then buy this cd and the Singles Vocal Collection.
This cd is a little depressing at times, but that's just because all the
characters featured on it have had personal tragedies. So,
it's depressing in a good way (..yeah that summarizes it...).